About Sam Azer

Sam Azer is an Entrepreneur, Enterprise Architect, Analyst, Project Manager, Software Developer and Writer. Sam started working in the computing world as a teenager in the late 70's. For over 25 years Sam has provided services to small and large corporations, leading Enterprise Development teams as well as R&D teams, producing both hardware and software solutions. An experienced problem solver and trouble-shooter, Sam also has technical skills including experience in network architecture, server security, disaster planning and recovery, database design and optimization, C/C++ software development (systems and applications) for Linux, Windows, web based and mobile applications.

An E-Business Solutions Expert, Sam specializes in working with people, understanding needs, solving problems and getting things done.


Single Board Computer designed and manufactured in the mid-80'sIn the 80's Sam owned a manufacturing business specializing in Industrial Process Control and Data Acquisition systems. Achievements included

  • Communications software (similar to Ward Christiansens' Modem) in Z80 and 8086 assembler versions
  • a BASIC-like script interpreter, written in C, to allow easy programming of a numerically controlled sheet metal punch
  • battery powered portable computer systems
  • a library of Text-to-Speech software
  • an innovative proprietary networking system to allow the low-cost interconnection of sophisticated data logging and control systems


In the 90's Sam got involved in the world of E-Commerce through client-server and web-based B2B / EDI solutions. Accomplishments during this period included:

  • an Automated Software Update system
  • an EDI document parser for X12 documents, written in C++
  • a Message Management System, written in C++, implementing an extensive set of Process Monitoring and Fault recovery tools.


Sophisticated web-based software toolsIn 2001, Sam incorporated BNT Solutions with the simple goal of making the most sophisticated Network Technology Solutions available to small and medium sized Businesses. The idea was to follow the most effective business processes while using the most powerful tools to cut costs and reduce development times. BNT Solutions delivers powerful and easy-to-use e-commerce solutions in record times.

Accomplishments include:

  • The Automated Forms library which automates much of the detail involved in complex web-based systems
  • The CleanRoom, an environment that includes a large number of important functions that are commonly required in business software systems
  • The AFORMs library and the CleanRoom have since been used in several large and medium sized projects with great success.
  • One of these projects was Visual Power Web, a content management and web site maintenance solution that had many features that remain ahead of their time to this day.
  • The development of the BNT Framework - a system of tools that can collect customer specifications and translate them into fully functional web-based software.

Interests and Activities

The Perfect OfficeSam is a signatory of the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship, the Agile Manifesto and abides by the IEEE Code of Ethics.

Over the past 25+ years, Sam has published articles in computing journals (including Micro Cornucopia, C++ Builder Developers Journal,) as well as the Azer Technology web site. Click here for a partial list of articles by Sam Azer that were published in industry Print Journals.

Sam is an avid supporter of Open Source and makes extensive use of Open Source systems (Fedora/Redhat/CentOS and Ubuntu Linux) and software tools. He enjoys listening to music, cooking, hiking, biking, 35mm and digital SLR photography and the odd round of Golf.