ALSA Artsd Sound Server Fatal Error: CPU Overload

Within a short time after booting my Fedora 8 desktop, this error would appear. Fortunately there is a reasonable solution.

The documentation at the ARTS project,, offers an explanation here. Basically is says that the sound system is being asked to output data when there is no data to output. This causes a loop that uses-up a huge amount of CPU time but doesn't do anything. Unfortunately, they don't offer a solution.

After searching around a bit on the net I found this explanation from Jon Nelson on on their SUSE mailing list:

Artsd is a KDE driver - it is only used by KDE software. If you turn off the KDE Sound System, Artsd will be removed and will not be available to KDE. The KDE programs will then switch to ALSA, which is working fine in Fedora 8.

So, the simple solution to this problem is to open the Control Center. Go to Sound and Multimedia, select Sound System and turn off the Enable Sound System check-box in the General tab.