, The home of Black Star Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Montreal, a non-profit mentoring organization affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

The Black Star web site is designed to say, "Welcome! Let's have a Great time together!" It is bright and happy while, at the same time, simple and clear to read.

This colorful and visually stimulating web site is full of useful features:

  • The home page incorporates a sophisticated text rotator component. It loads the contents of a dedicated section of the database - all into a small space at the top of the page:

    The photo and text transition smoothly as the user moves his cursor over the titles of the different items. This allows the Black Star Team to present a large amount of introductory information about their services, in a visually appealing manner, using only a small amount of screen real-estate.

  • A dynamic Tab-style component is available that can perform a similar function. It loads content into what appears to be a set of tabbed folders and slides the content in and out of view. Both modules can appear on the same page if necessary.
  • This site is built using amazingly easy-to-use media software that can produce a photo gallery automagically. Just copy all the photos into a directory and refer to them in your article - that's all it takes:

    Clicking on any media item triggers a visually appealing transition effect that ends with the media being presented in a compelling manner:

    The same component can also present other types of media with the same level of ease:

    • Video files, including files hosted on YouTube and Vimeo,
    • MP3 Audio files,
    • Shockwave Flash
  • Most importantly: This site is based on a template that contains Forty different areas into which you can place the information you wish to convey to your readers. The result is that you can offer a massive amount of information while maintaining a clean, simple and visually appealing presentation.
  • The News Flash module automatically cycles through the introductory text (or the titles) of the most recent news items. This is done using text transitions that are smooth, giving a subtle bit of activity on the home page that is noticeable but not distracting.
  • The site comes with a style sheet that includes a vast array of expressive typographic features. Text can be tagged so that it appears in standouts of various colors and is studded with informative icons.
  • Due to the sophisticated nature of the functionality in this site: it is not fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and less. As such, this site has a warning message that appears for IE6 users - letting them know that IE6 is not fully supported.