BNT Relationship Management System

Started in 2002, the BNT Solutions Enterprise Project and Relationship Management System is an internal system used by BNT Solutions. It is designed to manage all aspects of Consulting and Software Engineering. Currently completed modules have the ability to capture customer specifications and generate fully functional code based on those specifications.

Affectionately known within BNT as the Framework, this system started in 2002 as a simple form generation tool. The overall design of the project involves modules that will eventually facilitate all aspects of the management of software projects and relationships between a consulting firm and its customers. Due to the huge scope of the project it is not expected to be completed for some time.

The Framework has been used in various forms to generate every major system that BNT Solutions has worked on except Visual Power Web - which was written before the first versions of the form generator technology were usable. In fact the Framework has also been used on some small projects, too - this because it is able to capture design specifications with relative ease.

The current version of the specification capture and form generator features of the Framework has become quite sophisticated. The power and sophistication of the tool set is such that progress is now rapid whenever man days are assigned to this project.