The Cleanroom Project Environment

A default environment that provides the basic framework for any major application. Designed and implemented by Sam Azer in 2002, the Cleanroom is an ever-improving project. New functionality is added from time to time; all of which is available for use in the next project.

Major functionality included in the cleanroom includes:

  • User account administration
  • Editing and reporting on System permissions (users, groups, etc.) Includes permissions for menu entries and field level permissions on forms.
  • Editing and reporting of standard Lookup Lists
  • Editing and reporting of System Menus
  • Editing and reporting of configuration parameters and settings
  • Standardized event-driven uploading of CSV files to local databases. (Update routines for new tables can be coded as events.)
  • Editing of Help screens for the Context-Sensitive online help system built into the AFORMs library.
  • Editing of System News
  • A Support ticketing system
  • A F.A.Q. system
  • Change Password functionality
  • Forgot Password functionality
  • System maintenance logging for use by the administrative team
  • System error logging for use by the development team
  • (and more, with more being added...)

Some sample screen-shots: