Create new menu items in Joomla fails for Virtuemart categories

Attempting to create a menu link in Joomla 1.0.x to a Virtuemart 1.0.x product category fails. The software keeps saying that I don't have permission to view the item and it won't let me create the item either. Why is this happening and What can I do about it?


These problems occur because the group that works on the Joomla software is not the same as the group that works on the Virtuemart software. Sometimes a version of Joomla is released which has some new feature or which otherwise changes the internal coding of Joomla. This sometimes causes small compatibility problems to appear in add-on modules and products. The reverse can also happen. It's possible that an update to an add-on module will cause some minor incompatibility with the version of Joomla that you are using (although this rarely happens if you are using the latest version.)

These issues are understood to occur from time to time and are generally corrected in the next maintenance release of a product. For example: if a new Joomla release breaks a feature in Joomfish, Virtuemart, EasyFAQ or some other add-on module, the group that produces the add-on module will usually issue a patch within a few weeks.

In the event of a serious problem it becomes necessary to reverse the update and continue to use the older version of the software until a patch is released. However, in most cases the security patches that are distributed with each new release are very valuable. So, we tend to accept minor inconveniences when they happen.

How to work around it

In this case, as in almost all cases, there are many ways to accomplish any particular goal. The LINK - URL menu item type can be used to link any menu item to virtually anything on the internet. Using this menu item type is mostly the same as using the Virtuemart Category menu link type; here's what you do:

  1. Access the item that you want to access by any available route in your browser
  2. Copy the link URL from the address bar of your browser into the clipboard: Select the link by clicking on it, type Control+A to make sure you selected all of it, then type Control+C to copy it.
  3. From the Menu menu in Joomla, select the menu that you would like to add to.
  4. Click on the NEW button in the top-right corner of the menu page to start adding the new menu item.
  5. Select the LINK - URL type from the bottom right corner of the link types page and click on the NEXT button in the upper right corner of the page.
  6. In the next screen, type the name of the menu item and, in the next box, paste the URL that you copied from the browser page that you want to associate with the menu item.
  7. Click on the SAVE button in the top right corner to finish creating the new link.
  8. Go to your web site and click on the HOME link or press the REFRESH button (usually F5,) to see the new link.
  9. Finally, click on the new link to verify that it goes where you want it to go.

    If there's a problem, review the above sequence to correct the error.