was a micro-computer sales and service organization which had outlets in north-central and downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The site was taken down in November of 2009 after the owner of the site, Mr. Aziz Ghattas, lost a short battle with cancer.

Group Trinity is designed, from the ground up, to be a very simple online shopping site with a simple presentation. Customers are able to find any product they are looking for through a tree-view in the left margin. It allows them to quickly drill-down into the desired product category - then click on that category to get a list of the products available.

The site is built using sophisticated software that offers a vast array of features. For example it is possible to setup different price points for different groups of viewers and hide all pricing until the viewer logs-in to identify himself. The shopping cart software has support for various types of tax calculations (multiple taxes, tax rates based on the customers' location or the location of the store, etc.) There is also a sophisticated customer service back-end to track each sale. The back-end includes support for such functions as product shipping.

The online catalogue is designed to be easy to maintain. It's so easy to use that the staff at Group Trinity log into the store from the front-page to add new products and edit product information. The owner of the site, Mr. Aziz Ghattas, uses the administrative back-end to setup product categories and mark special products as featured. The software that generates the front-page advertisements simply scans the database to produce the displays of current specials and featured products. Services are also advertised on the front page in a similar manner.

The site includes a rarely-used shopping cart. This is because Group Trinity advertising targets local walk-in traffic. Nevertheless, the site receives a great deal of traffic from around the world. This is most likely due to the product information that the staff is posting on a regular basis. This information is indexed by all the major search engines causing users from around the world to visit the site when they search for that information.

The Group Trinity site was an exceptionally successful web site. For several months after Mr. Ghattas passed away in November of 2009 the site continued to receive a staggering amount of traffic even though it was replaced with a memorial page. This traffic was due to a vast number of links from external web sites to pages on the Group Trinity web site.

Today the main problem that most web sites have is a lack of traffic which is due entirely to a lack of updates. This is sad because, as seen at Group Trinity, even a few updates from time to time can result in countless links being posted around the world - and all the traffic that those links generate.