How to copy a Live ISO to a USB key

I have a Fedora Live ISO image and would like to write it to a USB key instead of a CD or DVD. Please remind me: which tool do I use to do this?

Going back as far as Fedora 6 there is a package called LiveCD that you will want to install:

$ su -c "yum install livecd-tools"

Next, you can use the livecd-iso-to-disk tool to copy the image to the USB drive.

Before you can do that, of course, you will need to know what the drive is called on your system. If you are running an auto-mount service (the default in a Fedora desktop workstation,) you can plug your USB key into the system and an icon for it will appear on the desktop. Check the properties of the USB key to find out what it's called. Mine is called /dev/sdf and the partition that I'll be writing to is called /dev/sdf1

Once you know the device name for the USB key, it's easy to copy the Live ISO file. In my case, I changed to the directory for the Fedora 9 beta ISO and ran the livecd-iso-to-disk utility like this:

$ su -c "livecd-iso-to-disk Fedora-9-Beta-Live-i686.iso /dev/sdf1"

The utility starts by verifying the integrity of the ISO file. Once the file check is complete, the ISO is copied to the USB key and a boot loader is installed.

The USB key should then be usable.