Inside PCX Graphic Files

Published in the July - August 1988 issue of Micro Cornucopia (Issue #42,) Inside PCX Graphic Files is the first article by Sam Azer to be published in a popular journal of the time. This article contains a detailed description of the structure of a PCX graphics file, a format that was very popular in the 80's. It was accompanied by sample code that could read, write and display PCX files.

The article became quite popular. The editor of Micro Cornucopia, Dave Thompson, reported that it sold a surprising number of reprints. As of February 2009, more than twenty years after the initial publication, a reference to the article can still be found in the reference section (at the bottom) of the article below:

PCX Graphics, Dr. Dobbs Journal

Micro Cornucopia is no longer available in print or online. To view scans of the original printing, click on one of the thumbnails below. Hover your cursor near the bottom of the image to activate the control buttons.