KDE Amarok 2 / Last.fm Proxy Setting

If you're behind a firewall and you upgrade to Amarok 2.1 you'll need to configure your proxy server to be able to scrobble to Last.fm. Searching the web produces quite a few confusing answers to the question of how this is done - but it's really very simple!

The trick is to stop trying to configure everything from Amarok and go instead to the new System Settings application.

Click on the Network Settings icon under Network & Connectivity:

Next, enter the settings appropriate for your network. Note that these settings will be used by Amarok 2 and other KDE applications:

Next, go to the Settings menu in Amarok 2 and select Configure Amarok. Click on the Internet Services Icon, then click on the little monkey wrench in the Last.FM item:

When you click on the Test Login button the button text will change to Testing. Within a few seconds it should change to Success! If it does not say Success after a while there is a problem remaining to be found somewhere.