Keep up the Good Work, Dollard Hockey!

Probably the biggest web-related question on everybody's mind is "how do I drive traffic to my web site?" Fortunately, the best answers are the most obvious ones. How does the Dollard Hockey Team make their site so successful? With a little bit of elbow grease and some loving care.

Available Statistics for March through September of 2008 is the official web site of the Dollard Hockey Association in the west island of Montreal. The DHA web site is maintained by a dedicated team of volunteers. Ever since the site was converted from static HTML pages to dynamic Content Managed pages - the volunteers at Dollard Hockey have been regularly posting relevant and timely information for the benefit of the community. As a result, the use of their site has steadily increased.

As the hockey season began in September 2008, the web site experienced a staggering average of 362 visits per day! The average number of page views per day was even more amazing - clocking in at a whopping 2884!

Most web sites see an average of under 20 visitors per day. The visitors rarely click on more than one or two pages when they visit. The DHA team has managed, simply by taking the time to post some of the information that their community needs, to gain the interest of their readers. As a result, their readers click on an average of eight pages per visit - fully four to eight times the average for most web sites. DHA website readers also tend to spend a great deal of time on the site; the average being about 5.5 minutes per visit. That's a fairly long visit! The average for a typical web site is less than 30 seconds (with many earning less than 15 seconds worth of the attention of their readers.)

Average Visit durations for September, 2008
The DHA team works hard for their community - but they don't need to work their fingers down to the bone for the DHA website. They use an industry standard content managed solution provided by BNT Solutions, Inc. This gives them the ability to divide the work-load between a handful of volunteers. Each volunteer devotes a few minutes to updating the site from time to time.

Please take a moment to look carefully at the site. You will see that each little contribution plays a small role in the overall value of the site to the community. No one contribution has any great significance - but, taken as a whole, the site has become a valuable and useful resource for DHA members. Most importantly: The many small investments made to date will continue to earn dividends for years to come!

How long did all this take? was converted by BNT Solutions into a dynamic, Content Managed site less than three years ago. Within a short time after the conversion the volunteers managed to put a fair amount of useful information into place. As a result, the volume of traffic was always good and has been growing ever since.

Average daily traffic for September, 2008
BNT Solutions congratulates the Dollard Hockey team on the success of their efforts!

Your business can also benefit!

How would you like to have a steady flow of over 350 people a day walking in to find out about your products and services? You can do that on the web. BNT Solutions can take care of the technology involved - you don't need to worry about it. All you need is a willingness to spend a few minutes, from time to time, making sure you post to your site the information that your customers are looking for. By investing small amounts of effort on a regular basis you can build a marketing asset that just keeps earning dividends - even while you sleep!

If you would like to convert your static web site to a dynamic Content Managed site, please take a moment to contact us. We look forward to serving you.