Mailing List Subscription Problems?

Have you found it difficult to subscribe to a BNT Solutions mailing list? Read this short note.

Mailman mailing lists follow processes collectively known as Opt-In Mailing List Management. When subscribing, the system throws-in a couple of extra steps to prevent strangers from sending you emails you don't want. The main goal is to ensure that you confirmed your desire to subscribe. However, if you ignore the request, it will go away.

Common Subscription Problems

When you enter your email address into a subscription form, the system will send you a confirmation email. It will look something like this in your mailbox:


  • If you did not get a confirmation email within a reasonable delay, the most likely problem is that you made a typing mistake when you typed your email address. There is no harm done - just try again.
  • If you do get the confirmation email, it will look something like this:


    Note that easiest of the options listed in the email is to simply click on the link. However, if you did not follow the instructions, the system would have assumed that you did not want to subscribe. It's not a big problem; here's what you can do:

    • If you still have the email you should try clicking on the link again.
    • If the link has expired you will have to go back to the web site and type your email address again into the subscription box.
  • If you did click on the link: The system will have displayed a web page. The page looks like this:


    Note that there is one last button (called Subscribe,) that you must click on to confirm your subscription.

    • If you did not click on the Subscribe button your subscription was not properly approved. Try again by clicking one more time on the email.
    • As above, if the link has expired you will have to start the process again.


There are two things that will happen once you have successfully subscribed to the list:

  • First you will see a confirmation message that is displayed in your browser:


  • Finally, you will get a final confirmation email.


Please Note

Most of the confirmation emails that are sent by the Mailman robot are standard forms. They assume that you are welcomed to post messages to the list - and this may very well be true.

In practice, though, many lists are restricted in some ways to reduce the volume of messages being sent.

If you want to post something to the list there is no harm in going ahead and trying. Depending on the configuration of the list, the robot might:

  • drop the message completely. (Due to spam issues some lists are configured to silently drop any messages that don't come from the list administrators.)
  • send you a polite response telling you about the configuration of the list
  • or forward your post to the list administrator (who might go ahead and forward it to the list members on your behalf.)