Mailing List Un-Subscribe!

Do you want to remove your email address from a mailing list? Here's how:

  • At the bottom of every email from the mailing list, there is a link that takes you to the home page for the list. It looks something like this:


  • Click on the link to access the Mailing List information page.
  • You will find the Un-Subscribe button at the bottom of the page. It will look pretty much like this:


  • ImageClicking on the Un-Subscribe button takes you to the User Form. Type your email address into the field at the top of the page. Note that, if you have many email addresses, you must use the one that was used in the mailing list email. If you know your password you can enter it and click the Log-In button. Most people don't know their password, though, and should click on the Un-Subscribe button further down on the page:

  • The mailing list manager must now confirm that you are the owner of the email address and that you have the authority to cancel your subscription. This is done by sending a confirmation email to the email address. You should receive it within a reasonable period of time. It will look something like this in your mailbox:


  • ImageThe instructions in the email explain the ways in which you can confirm that you want to Un-Subscribe. In most cases, the easiest of these is to simply click on the link in the middle of the email:

  • ImageThe final step - yes, there's one more - is to confirm that you did not click on the link by accident. The link takes you to a final confirmation page with an Un-Subscribe button on it. It looks like this:

    ImageFinally - the confirmation screen appears!

    ImageThe system also sends (an empty) confirmation email. This is an attempt to make sure that the person who owns the email address is aware that the subscription was canceled. There is a chance that this might be helpful in cases where crackers manage to un-subscribe you from a list that you want to keep.