is the web site for the Cosmetic Dentistry offices of Dr. Charles Kamel in Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Kamel has worked hard on his web site over the years and, in this latest iteration, has achieved a very high level of value for his business. His site effectively:

  • introduces new customers to his practice,
  • provides easily accessible and useful information for existing customers
  • and allows Dr. Kamel to disseminate information about his radio talk show appearances and other public activities.

This new design maintains many of the visual qualities of the previous site. It has the clean lines and sculptured surface qualities of an elegant web site. It contains many visually conservative elements while being somewhat sophisticated. In addition, the "electric ribbons" motif at the top of the page gives the site an exciting introductory quality without taking away from its conservative foundation.

The rotating content panel on the Front Page of the site is programmed to fade out one subject and fade in the next - allowing a small space at the top of the site to be used to present a large amount of visually appealing information. A sliding panel in the Smile Gallery performs a similar function - allowing a large number of "before and after" photos to appear, in a simple and pleasing fashion, within a small space at the bottom of the page. These highly sophisticated visual elements add to the flair of the site and make it more enjoyable for the reader to peruse.

The web-based contact form, along with the links to Google Maps, allow readers to quickly and easily make contact with the office staff - even while the office is closed.

Finally, it is important to note that there are several spaces in the site template that are, in this initial roll-out of the site, not being used or being used to present static information. The content management system allows those spaces to be used more effectively to present random announcements, advertisements or promotional materials.