The Coty Promotion Tracking System, affectionately known as Popptarts, organizes and keeps track of Product Promotion Plans. It allows staff in various cities around the world to work together on the approval, tracking and execution of promotions.

Two main modules allow all information related to a promotion to be centrally located within the Popptarts server:

  • Product Catalog

    The product catalog is used to collect and centrally store both manufacturing and sales information about products. Related software modules collect much of the information from legacy mini-computing systems. The system provides a business process for verifying information such as UPC codes once they have been assigned and entered.

  • Promotions

    Information related to each promotion is gathered into this module. Promotions are created and edited, assigned cost and budget information, verified for accuracy, approved and executed. Sales estimates are tracked through the life of the process. The system automatically notifies users when actions such as formal approval are required. It is able to detect, among other things, delays in the business process. It automatically consolidates information of interest and generates a nightly report, customized for the particular needs of each user, by email. The system also produces dynamic reports that are customized for each user. These are displayed on the system home page while the user is logged-in. The system allows external documents, such as graphic artwork, to be attached to the promotions so that they can easily be located when needed.

Popptarts has many more features and new features are being added from time to time.

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Major Benefits

The original business case for this project was based on the benefits to be enjoyed by solving a small number of glitches in the manual process. These small glitches were expensive enough to justify the development of a major system to eliminate them.

The manual process involved the creation of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and their distribution by various means. Of course it was easy to eliminate problems by having a centralized system that automatically performs the needed calculations and generates the needed documents in real-time.

However, eliminating the costs related to minor errors was only the first of the benefits that BNT Solutions is able to offer. Time and time again it has been shown that this is the smallest benefit.

Communications & Collaboration

The greatest and most impressive benefit has always been the benefit of collaboration. BNT Solutions E-Commerce systems invariably become amazing communications tools. They allow instant collaboration between team members. A geographically diverse group of people are enabled to work together in real-time - literally talk on the phone while seeing live documents on the screen - making it possible for the whole team to:

  • Recognize and deal with small problems. In many cases a team member who sees an error can just go ahead and correct it on the spot.
  • Recognize and report small problems. If you see something in a document that you don't think is right - it's a small matter to find out who is responsible for it and contact that person. BNT Solutions provides a number of mechanisms within a system that allow reporting of issues.
  • Contact the person responsible for dealing with an issue and deal with it on the spot!
  • See everything in real-time. If a change is made to a document, everybody will see the change when they refresh their view of the document.

It is this ability to allow the team to easily keep the business process running smoothly that has historically been the main benefit of a BNT Solutions E-Commerce System.

The very nature of the system - a centralized repository of the information being used by a geographically diverse team - is the foundation of its success. From there, BNT Solutions adds collaboration features to encourage all team members to work together through the system. Each system also has features designed to make tracking and reporting easier - so:

  • any member of the team who needs to know something can find out and
  • any member of the team who needs to fix something can find and work with the person responsible - very quickly.

Do you have a business process that can be justified by having an automated system take care of simple calculations for your staff? Perhaps BNT Solutions can help you recoup those costs - and more! Contact us and we'll be happy to help you make an evaluation.