Webmail Access

How to access your BNT Solutions Email account via the web.

All BNT Solutions Email accounts can be accessed through the Web as well as through the software you have on your computer. Because most of our customers keep their email on their local computers, we offer a very simple webmail service designed to be easy-to-use when you need it. It has absolutely no advertising or other distractions.

Please note that the webmail interface does not interfere with the email software you have on your computer. You can use the webmail interface when you need it and still use software such as Microsoft Outlook on your notebook computer. However, email which is moved from the server to your notebook computer by software such as Microsoft Outlook will only be found in your notebook computer - the server does not keep any copies of your downloaded email.

Webmail Login

To access the BNT Webmail Service through your browser: start by visiting the BNT Web Site in your browser using the usual URL:


Remember to save this address in your Bookmarks or Favorites so that you can jump back to it quickly when you need it.

Go to the bottom of the page to find the Webmail Login Form. As of September 2008, it looks like this:


When your email account was created you were given a User ID and a Password. To access your webmail, copy and paste your login information to the login form and click on the Login button. This will bring you to the very simple Squirrel Mail interface:


BNT Solutions customers almost all use Microsoft Outlook as their main Email software. Therefore, the web interface is designed to be as simple as possible. There is no advertising and very little in the way of complicated features - so you will be able to learn how to use it in a matter of minutes without any need for instructions. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible.