X-Lite Softphone by CounterPath

The X-Lite Softphone from CounterPath is an easy-to-use software program available for Windows, MAC and Linux users. It is also a free download! This FAQ explains how to configure the Windows version to work with your BNT Communications VOIP account.

ImageThe X-Lite Softphone is a free download from the CounterPath corporation. Visit their X-Lite web page to download your copy:


The X-Lite Softphone is an easy way to make and receive standard telephone calls from your computer using your BNT Communications VOIP account.

ImageTo configure your Softphone to work with your BNT Communications account, click on the little down-arrow in the top part of the phone's Window. This will cause the Speed Menu to drop down.

Next, click on the SIP Account Settings... menu item. This will cause the SIP Account list Window to appear.

To configure your BNT Communications VOIP account: click the ADD... button on the right side of the SIP Account Settings Window:


ImageAs part of the setup of your BNT Communications VOIP account, you received an email containing the User Name and Password for your account. You will need to enter that information into the Account Setup Window. Please find the information and have it ready:

  • Enter your name in the Display Name box.
  • Enter your User Name (from the email you received from BNT Communications,) in the User Name box. This is usually the Extension Number of your account.
  • Enter your Password (also known as your Secret,) into the Password box.
  • Enter pbx.bntcomm.net in the Domain box.
  • Check the Register with Domain and Receive incoming calls box. You can check this box even if your VOIP account is not associated with a telephone number (people can still call you via the extension number.)
  • Select the Send Outbound via Domain radio button.

ImageNext, you should check your work for typing mistakes. After verifying that the information is correct, click the OK button to save your Account Settings.

Finally, click the Close button to return to the main Softphone Window.


ImageOf the many valuable features offered by the X-Lite Softphone, the most exciting is that it generally figures out everything it needs to know about your computer by itself! In most cases it can determine the correct settings for your sound system without any intervention on your part.

If you do need to change the Sound Settings, open the Speed-Menu on the main Softphone Window and select Options. This will open the Softphone Options dialog.

Click on the icon of the headset in the left sidebar to cause the Sound System settings to appear. You can then review the settings to ensure that they correspond to your needs.

ImageTo make calls with your X-Lite Softphone:

  • Enter a telephone or extension number using your computer keyboard. You can also move your mouse over the Softphone and click on the button images as if you were pressing buttons on a physical phone.
  • To begin your call, hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the Green CALL button on the left side of the Window.
  • To end your call, hit the escape key on your keybaord or click on the Red END button on the right side of the window.

More Phones

If you like the X-Lite Softphone but require additional features (such as more than two lines,) please visit the CounterPath web site and take a look at their Eyebeam and Bria products.

Please note that you do not need to use a computer to make Voice over IP telephone calls through the BNT Communications network:

  • You can use your existing telephone through an ATA Adaptor box
  • or you can get a SIP Phone that connects directly to the Internet.
  • SIP phones are available in both desktop and portable versions that look like cellular phones.
  • You can also get Softphone software for your Pocket PC, Smartphone and some portable Media Players.

See the main BNT Communications web site for more information or Contact Us and we'll be happy to help you.