Sending Email using the Javamail Package

It's easy to send mail from your Java app using the standard Javamail package. For the most basic case (no authentication) the code is short and simple. Unfortunately the situation changes if you need authentication. This is largely because different mail servers do things in slightly different ways. In this short note, which includes links to the javamail package information from Oracle, you will find a test app that has been used successfully with Sendmail over SSL.

Asterisk Sound Files

Asterisk is able to play audio files in a variety of formats as long as the necessary software for each format is installed. It's not difficult to convert an audio file for use with the majority of Asterisk installations. This article is a convenient reminder of the command line parameters required for the task.

Rogers Cellular Service Codes

This FAQ entry contains some notes for my personal reference - information that I collected from a variety of web pages found through Google. (I tried to find this info on rogers.com but wasn't able to - hopefully they'll soon take the time to better organize their site!) Please note that I'm not sure exactly what all of this means or even if it works at all outside of the Rogers network.
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