Simple Git-over-SSH shared repositories

Git is one of the more popular of the many revision control systems available. One of the many great features of Git is that you can setup a simple shared repository very quickly on any conveniently available Linux system. Git is able to do this easily because it knows how to access files over SFTP. By simply creating a shell account on a system with an OpenSSH server we can copy repositories to that account and share them between co-workers and sandboxes. Read this article for an introduction to Git and a tutorial on Git-over-SSH setup.

JD Edwards business-level Traps

Implementing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is sort of like buying a used Jet Plane for your business. It's big and complicated so you need help just getting it to fly. Because it was previously used by other companies all over the world you need to customize it for your business. Then, once you've got it in the air, you need to maintain it to keep it airworthy.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne v9.1 Standalone Dev VM

Do you need a development environment for JD Edwards? There are already a few articles on the web explaining how to setup a JD Edwards Standalone Demo VM. This article contains a bit more explanatory detail for those of us who need it.

JD Edwards Business Function Documentation

In this article we will run the BSFN Doc Generator provided in the Solution Explorer, then we'll look at the documentation using the corresponding Viewer. After that we will use Doxygen to scan all 14M+ lines of the JDE BSFN API and produce cross-referenced and indexed documentation with embedded source code and hyperlinked reference charts. Can't be done, you say? 14M+ lines is just too big? True. Still, download the script that does it and give it a try - it works and the resulting documentation is very handy.

Windows7 on KVM-QEMU with QCOW2 Snapshots

In this article we will discuss the steps involved in building a new Windows 7 VM, use a QCOW2 format image so that we can save disk space and make use of snapshots with our VM, Get the Redhat Virtual I/O drivers installed during the Windows Installation process so that we can take advantage of the performance improvements that they offer, Install the Redhat Spice Video and other Guest Tools so that, among other things, our Desktop Clipboard will interface properly with our VM clipboard, and we'll perform some important additional customizations to improve the performance and reliability of our Windows 7 VM.

KVM-QEMU, QCOW2, QEMU-IMG and Snapshots

The QCOW2 format is the most powerful format supported by KVM-QEMU. It does not pre-allocate disk space, it offers the ability to create snapshots and, later, you can create new images that use a previous image as a base to dramatically speed-up the setup of a future VM. In this article we will look at some of the advanced features available in the QCOW2 format through the QEMU Image tool. We create a QCOW2 image, create snapshots within the image, create an image that is based on a backing file and copy an image to get rid of the reference to the backing file.

Protecting your valuable data

Your image files, your music files, your emails and your accounting information - all your personal and business data - is slowly deteriorating. This article will explain why and what you can do about it.

Sending Email using the Javamail Package

It's easy to send mail from your Java app using the standard Javamail package. For the most basic case (no authentication) the code is short and simple. Unfortunately the situation changes if you need authentication. This is largely because different mail servers do things in slightly different ways. In this short note, which includes links to the javamail package information from Oracle, you will find a test app that has been used successfully with Sendmail over SSL.

Scanning for the URLs in a web page

URLs are used extensively in HTML documents and, for various reasons, we often need to manipulate them. To accomplish this we need to be able to scan the documents and identify the URLs. This document describes a super-simple yet effective scanner, written in PHP, that I recently wrote for a small project.

What is a Virtual Computer?

There's quite a bit of hype in the world these days around the concept of Virtual Computing - but what is it? Here's a simple explanation.

Unlock and Root your Nexus device - Logically!

Do you need to Root your Android Phone or Tablet? Read this for a simple How and Why of unlocking and rooting - but only for Google Nexus and other devices that are not restricted by their manufacturers.

How to reconfigure a legacy Supermicro KVM card

This is a short note for myself. Read it if you need to reconfigure a legacy Supermicro KVM card. I also wrote a little about the convenience of using KVM, in case you're interested.