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How does the SPAM filter work?

The BNT Mail server is configured to automatically check each email that arrives to see if it is spam. This is done using a number of techniques.

How many lines and extensions can I connect to my PBX?

There is generally no restriction on the number of lines and extensions that you can connect. However, there are many factors that work together to determine the overall capacity of your system. You can build an expensive and powerful PBX and load it down by using a few heavy features so that it can't handle many calls - or you can build an inexpensive and weak PBX and connect it to lots of extensions that are only used for simple calls. Because of this flexibility it is not easy to make general comments about PBX capacity. In general you will want to determine your needs and build a PBX that fits both your requirements and your budget.

I have too many passwords; I can't remember them all!

It's impossible these days to keep track of all the passwords for all the different web sites we use. More seriously: Passwords that are easy to remember are a security threat. Fortunately, there's an easy solution to the problem.

Mail Configuration Information

This article contains somewhat technical information that you can use to configure your email software for both fixed and mobile access to your BNT Solutions mail service.

Mailing List Subscription Problems?

Have you found it difficult to subscribe to a BNT Solutions mailing list? Read this short note.

Mailing List Un-Subscribe!

Do you want to remove your email address from a mailing list? Here's how:

New User Account not working

I created an account for a new user on the web site - but the user can't login to the store. The user has no problem logging into the content management system but the system keeps saying the user is not registered when he tries to access anything in the store. Why?

Open Standard Office Telephone System FAQ

This article contains short and simple introductory answers to a number of Frequently asked Questions concerning Open Standard Office Telephone systems. If you have additional questions please forward them to BNT using the Contact Us form.

Squirrelmail Filter settings lost?

If you use two different computers (or two different browser windows) while adding filter rules, you will find that the rules seem to disappear! Why?

Webmail Access

How to access your BNT Solutions Email account via the web.

What is Spam?

Do you get lots of email that you didn't ask for? You probably count all of that as spam, but the software that helps get rid of it might not see things quite the way you do. This article helps you understand the thinking of the people who help you get rid of spam.

Why is my webmail slowing down?

Generally speaking, is a fairly fast server - It's fast and it's connected to a very fast fibre optic network that can carry your information to you quickly no matter where you are. You can see this blazing response when you first start to use the various services provided. Over time, though, you start to wonder if things are slowing down? Why?

There are most likely two simple reasons for this: The main one is that you might have accumulated a large number of emails in your webmail account folders. The other one is that you might have a large number of filter rules that are being executed on each email.

Fortunately, the webmail service has special features to allow you to resolve these problems easily.