apt-get NO_PUBKEY error

After upgrading to KDE 4.2 (beta) in Kubuntu 8.10, apt-get starts returning error messages related to packages that are not signed and keys not being available.

Certificates expired? Why?

VPN and Secure Shell access to BNT Networks and Servers is allowed only to systems that have a valid certificate installed. The certificates are configured to expire after a period of time (usually one year.) Why is that?

Creating Disk Images

Some notes on partitioned disk images - how to create, initialize and mount them. This information can be quite handy when working with Virtual Machines.

How secure is a VPN?

The technology involved is very secure. Crackers who wish to access your data without compromising your certificate files and/or passwords will find the task to be very difficult. The VPN will automatically generate new encryption keys every hour, so the cracker will have to record a copy of all your traffic throughout a period of one hour - then let a super computer work for a significant period of time to crack the encryption for that hour. Your traffic during the next hour will have to be cracked separately.

How to copy a Live ISO to a USB key

I have a Fedora Live ISO image and would like to write it to a USB key instead of a CD or DVD. Please remind me: which tool do I use to do this?

PhpDocumentor 'not a PHP file' issues

How do I get phpdocumentor to read php command-line scripts and other files that don't use the .php and .inc file name extensions?

Remote X Windows

There are times when it's necessary to run a graphical program on a remote server.

SysBackup Basic Installation

Installation consists of unpacking the SysBackup package into a convenient location, setting-up two folder trees, then configuring your backup jobs. Read this note for all the details.

Sysbackup FAQ

Are you using SysBackup? Got any questions? Check this article for answers to questions that have been asked before.

SysBackup Features

SysBackup helps you Be Prepared to recover from occasional disasters of different types. Perhaps more importantly: SysBackup helps you collect the data you need to respond to the day-to-day information requests you get from your user community. This note contains a short list of SysBackup features.

SysBackup Final Checkout and First Backup

Once you have finished your Installation and Job Configuration you can run the SysBackup utility. Read this note to see some sample output.