SysBackup Installation Overview

An overview of the Installation process for SysBackup (short story: it's fast and easy.)

SysBackup Installation Requirements

SysBackup is a simple PHP script so the requirements are relatively few. Read this note to find out what you'll need on your server or workstation to run SysBackup.

SysBackup SSH Remote Storage

The procedure for sending your backupsets to a remote storage server via SSH is similar to the procedure for setting-up SysBackup on your server or workstation. Read this note to get all the details.

What's the difference between a VPN Tunnel and a VPN Bridge?

A VPN Tunnel connects your remote computer to a local (office) computer. The two computers can then talk to each other securely. This works fine if you are connecting to your server at the office and you have no need to connect to anything else. From your server, you can make provisions for accessing resources like other computers, printers and your VOIP telephone system - but you need to make those provisions before you can use your tunnel to access those resources.

Yum hangs after NOKEY error

If you are behind a firewall and you need to use a proxy server to get your updates, yum can appear to hang while trying to get the key for the package you are installing.