SysBackup Installation Requirements

SysBackup is a simple PHP script so the requirements are relatively few. Read this note to find out what you'll need on your server or workstation to run SysBackup.

SysBackup SSH Remote Storage

The procedure for sending your backupsets to a remote storage server via SSH is similar to the procedure for setting-up SysBackup on your server or workstation. Read this note to get all the details.

Webmail Access

How to access your BNT Solutions Email account via the web.

What can I sell on my web site?

Surprisingly, the one thing you really must do to get traffic on your web site just happens to be the one thing you must do to make money from your site: Offer something! But what is it that you should offer? Well, it turns out that you can offer lots of useful things that you can prepare at home, in your spare time, with the same computer you are using to read this article!

What is Spam?

Do you get lots of email that you didn't ask for? You probably count all of that as spam, but the software that helps get rid of it might not see things quite the way you do. This article helps you understand the thinking of the people who help you get rid of spam.

What's the difference between a VPN Tunnel and a VPN Bridge?

A VPN Tunnel connects your remote computer to a local (office) computer. The two computers can then talk to each other securely. This works fine if you are connecting to your server at the office and you have no need to connect to anything else. From your server, you can make provisions for accessing resources like other computers, printers and your VOIP telephone system - but you need to make those provisions before you can use your tunnel to access those resources.

Why is my webmail slowing down?

Generally speaking, is a fairly fast server - It's fast and it's connected to a very fast fibre optic network that can carry your information to you quickly no matter where you are. You can see this blazing response when you first start to use the various services provided. Over time, though, you start to wonder if things are slowing down? Why?

There are most likely two simple reasons for this: The main one is that you might have accumulated a large number of emails in your webmail account folders. The other one is that you might have a large number of filter rules that are being executed on each email.

Fortunately, the webmail service has special features to allow you to resolve these problems easily.

X-Lite Softphone by CounterPath

The X-Lite Softphone from CounterPath is an easy-to-use software program available for Windows, MAC and Linux users. It is also a free download! This FAQ explains how to configure the Windows version to work with your BNT Communications VOIP account.

Yum hangs after NOKEY error

If you are behind a firewall and you need to use a proxy server to get your updates, yum can appear to hang while trying to get the key for the package you are installing.