Introduction to Templates

Now that you are ready to start building your content managed web site you need to choose a template. This article discusses:
  • what exactly is a template,
  • the features that templates offer,
  • the limitations that templates suffer from,
  • and some of the quality issues surrounding templates.

Let's get started.

Mail Configuration Information

This article contains somewhat technical information that you can use to configure your email software for both fixed and mobile access to your BNT Solutions mail service.

Mailing List Subscription Problems?

Have you found it difficult to subscribe to a BNT Solutions mailing list? Read this short note.

Mailing List Un-Subscribe!

Do you want to remove your email address from a mailing list? Here's how:

New User Account not working

I created an account for a new user on the web site - but the user can't login to the store. The user has no problem logging into the content management system but the system keeps saying the user is not registered when he tries to access anything in the store. Why?

Open Source - A Solid Foundation

We all start out with big dreams. Some of us run like the proverbial rabbit and some of us walk like the proverbial turtle - but we all move towards our dreams. Can Open Source software help us turn our dreams into reality faster? Yes it can!

Open Standard Office Telephone System FAQ

This article contains short and simple introductory answers to a number of Frequently asked Questions concerning Open Standard Office Telephone systems. If you have additional questions please forward them to BNT using the Contact Us form.

PhpDocumentor 'not a PHP file' issues

How do I get phpdocumentor to read php command-line scripts and other files that don't use the .php and .inc file name extensions?

Remote X Windows

There are times when it's necessary to run a graphical program on a remote server.

Setting up your Product Database

Before you can start selling products through your online store, you will need to load your list of products into your new shopping cart.

Squirrelmail Filter settings lost?

If you use two different computers (or two different browser windows) while adding filter rules, you will find that the rules seem to disappear! Why?

Subscribing to a Mailman list from any web page

It happens quite often that you want people to be able to subscribe to your Mailman mailing list from a web page. It turns out to be quite easy to do this.